Post your job openings on Mgeni Engineer 

  • We offer a one stop platform for engineering and technical  jobs in Kenya. 

  • Job seekers can conveniently find all engineering and technical jobs in one place. 

  • Employers that post their job openings on Mgeni Engineer reach the right audience and save time in recruitment.

  • As an equal opportunity  employer, you reach to a wider and diverse pool of candidates ; including women and minorities. 


Pricing Plans

2. Long Term Partnerships

   Gold Partnership

   Flat rate @ Ksh 6,000/month 

   One off annual payment  @ Ksh 60,000/year 

  • Unlimited number of job postings for a full year 

  • Placement of job adverts on all the platforms  

  • Forwarding the job adverts  to subscribed  applicants 

  • Advertise your tech news, products and events at discounted prices 

  • Job posting duration : 60 days or until filled. 

   Platinum Partnership

   Flat rate @ Ksh 12,000/month

   One off annual payment  @ Ksh 120,000/year 

  • A customized company's job page and logo on Mgeni Engineer 

  • Unlimited number of job postings for a full year 

  • Placement of job adverts on all the Mgeni Engineer platforms  

  • Forwarding the job vacancies to subscribed  applicants

  • Feature your recruitment news, webinars and podcasts on Mgeni Engineer 

  • Advertise your company's tech news, products, events and conferences at discounted prices 

  • Job posting duration : unlimited or until filled

General Terms  


  • All prices quoted are net and are inclusive of applicable taxes.

  • For payment in foreign currency , current exchange rates apply. 

  • Payment Methods: Cheque, Bank Transfer , MPESA  and PesaLink.   

  • Upgrading /Downgrading plans:  --

    • For monthly subscriptions , upgrade/downgrade on the forthcoming monthly payment 

    • For annual plans : give a one month notice for upgrade/downgrade prior to expiry of the current plan.